11 July 2014

They have not come up with a cell phone that has unlimited battery life; or should I say (for the cause of making more money) they probably won't.  With the unlimited, addictive free apps that have never-ending ads that eat up our battery life, we have all experienced the death of a battery at the wrong time.

Strange to see, even for me from Indiana, New York City still has pay phones that work.
If you ever need to use the pay phone, just dial 555-1212.  Ask for the operator for the number of the business or person you wish to call. No need to add any change.

I thought about 411.  I never tried it on a pay phone. You can try that too.  But I think I remember trying that before when I was a kid. I believe they asked you to insert change. 

Anyways, you may feel stupid having to use the pay phone.  But if your phone is dead, what are you going to do? Dial 555-1212. 

New York City Pay Phone Locations

Cell Phone Is Dead! How to Use the Pay Phone for Free

27 June 2014

By he(art)geek
By he(art)geek

Iqra: Is this true when two people really love each other? Will love find its way? And what If these two people are soul mates of each other ?

Like me & my bf (we recently broke-up for the 3rd time due to some issues) even you won't believe when at night or any other time he REALLY misses me , i start feeling the empty chest of mine( i know it sounds stupid but this is something freaking real) We have been with each other for about 3 years! He's my first love... And I'm his last.

Jaye: Love is a word that people sometimes mistakenly use to describe a feeling of desire for love. There are all types of love. Because you've broken up three times already, the love you have maybe unfailing, unconditional, and yet unhappy.  The unhappy part is key that there are things being done in the relationship that do not show love.

"I start feeling the empty chest of mine." This is a SOUL-Tie and it hurts like hell if you are in love and not feeling the love inside the relationship.   You only feel love when (as you said) "at night or any other time he REALLY misses me" This love is strong when you are not together or when he wants you (at night).

I have been here. Many of us have, male and female.  But I want you to let your heart heal.  There is a Healthy Love out there waiting for you.  There is a love that you can feel when you are with a person.  You can stay in a love that hurts you or you can decide that you deserve more.

The thing about love is that it is not just a feeling, it is the most healing energy.   Love does not leave your chest empty.

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Love finding its way...

26 June 2014

Jaye's Random Thoughts on Excerpts from Another Writer

Excerpt from :
What It Cost Eight Women Writers To Make It In New York | by: Brent Cox | April 17th, 2012 Full Article

In 1967, Patti Smith wrote in Just Kids, she was considering a move to New York City. "I had enough money for a one-way ticket. I planned to hit all the bookstores in the city. This seemed ideal work to me." Twenty-seven years before her, in 1940, Shirley Jackson and her soon-to-be husband Stanley Hyman graduated from Syracuse and moved to New York. According to this biography, "For quite some time they had known exactly what they were going to do: move to New York City, live as cheaply as possible, take menial jobs if necessary and wait for the Big Break. Not just wait—push for it."

Jaye's Random Thoughts:

Anyone that came to New York by choice, can relate to Patti Smith. Being a part of the city, means pushing through to whatever it is you came here to do. After all, the city is overcrowded and filled or should I say fueled with people that are pushing for the same thing; the dream.

Push For It





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